Rooster and Rooster Spur

The Rooster and Rooster spur are two similar pikal knives.

The Rooster is fairly straight in design with a slight hawkbill style blade. It can be used in forward grip but is really designed to be used in reverse grip. The design lends itself to being fully double ground and both edges can be sharpened if you wish. The primary bevel is 3 1/2 inches with an overall length of the knife being 7 1/4 inches.

This knife is the same profile that I make the Titanium Persians from. I just grind the opposite side of the profile to make it a Persian style.

The Rooster Spur is the same blade as the Rooster but on a Combat Options handle and with the blade angled so that the point is in the center of your fist. Like the Rooster, the Spur can have both sides ground and sharpened. The Rooster Spur has a 3 1/2 blade and an overall length of 7 1/2 inches.

Both knives are available in CPM 3V steel with hand textured G10 handle scales and the blasted and textured finish.

Each of these models is $300

All knives come with a kydex sheath.

If you want a pikal style but not these particular models, email me and I will try to work something out. I have made many pikal models that I’m not able to list here.

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