Beast and Neck Beast

The only tanto blades that I make on a regular basis is these two. Basically 2 sizes of the same knife, these knives are only available in the chisel grind. I didn’t want to make a tanto that was all straight edges so these models feature a nice curved belly on the main edge.

The neck Beast was my first version of a neck knife and originally was only available with a cord wrapped handle to save weight. The idea morphed over time now it is made mainly with G10 handle scales although cord wrap is still an option.

The neck Beast has a blade length of 3 1/4 inch and an overall length of 7 1/4 inches. The price for the neck Beast is $250

Occasionally I make the neck Beast in titanium at the same price point as the steel version.

The Beast came after the neck Beast and was simply scaled up to make a bigger blade for the guys who wanted one. The Beast has a 4 inch blade and on overall length of 8 1/2 inches. The price for the Beast is $300

Both knives usually come with hand textured G10 scales with the blasted and tumbled finish.

Both knives come with a kydex sheath

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